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Cornered Coyote


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Cornered Coyote

A Gripping tale that is as Sweet as a Ballerina and as Pugnacious as a Pitbull !

"The silver bird gleamed in the blue sky, as the early morning sun bathed it in soft golden hues. Flight 714 was on the last leg of its journey, having burned close to fifty thousand gallons of jet fuel on its trans-Atlantic flight from Paris to Los Angeles.

Dianne Harman’s third and final book in the Coyote series, Cornered Coyote, is a throbbing tale of love, courage and passion. The frailties of human nature are deftly brought into the spotlight, as insecurity, jealousy, hatred, contempt and xenophobia rear their ugly head from time to time.

Follow the loveable yet eccentric private investigator, Slade Kelly, (a readers' favorite), as he tries to save Maria's sweet ass from seemingly insurmountable odds.

The story moves at a rapid pace, from the ghettos of Chicago to the beaches of Florida, from the streets of Los Angeles to the lush gardens of New York city. Each twist and turn comes with its own cast of colorful characters, from sleazy men in the mafia to hot, desperate women, who will do anything to make it big, in a world that is always trying to keep them small.

Riveting action and fascinating characters combine to make this a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Blue Coyote Motel
Award Winning Bestseller
& Psychological Thriller

"She saved the best for last. Dianne Harman's writing continues to evoke rich visual details and hold on to your seats action. Maria is in a pickle now and I couldn't' put it down. I had to see what happens. The story of Slade, the beloved gumshoe, is a trip in itself and he becomes one of my favorite all time characters. The courtroom action is some of the best, you would think the author is married to a lawyer. I highly recommend this ending, you do not want to miss it. Are you sure, Dianne, that this is the end? I hope not. These characters are season 1 of a miniseries."